The Itamar Massacre

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…Lastly, a smattering of other reactions to this latest illustration of what subcivilized brutes these Arabs are: the head of the opposition Princess Tsipora Livni issued a statement saying “The entire nation was united in sympathy for the family and supported IDF actions against terrorism.”

Tsipi, please: We are under attack not by an ism but Arabs, Muslims, Jew-hating barbarians.

And then there was Labor MK Isaac Herzog who said the attack was meant to ‘prevent the diplomatic process BUT it should not serve as an excuse by the prime minister for not presenting a diplomatic plan.” Herzog is a first class dimwit who has yet to figure out there is no diplomatic process and there has not been one for 17 and a half years.

Foreign Minister in France Alain Juppe, the new one, sounded like an Arab ventriloquist’s dummy when he “condemned all acts of violence in the occupied territories.”

But best of all was Uncle Shimon. He said the attack “indicates a loss of humanity. There is no religion in the world or any faith that allows these kinds of horrible acts.”

Shimon, there is a religion like that. It is called Islam.

And that’s another suggestion for Bibi besides asking him to pronounce the settlements legal. Israel should stop calling these Hamitic primitives “Balestinians” and start calling them Muslims. For that is who they are.

Absent any “Palestinian” culture in their heads, all they do have is Islam. Israel would do well to re-brand the enemy by telling the world that no longer will we call them “Balestinians” but Muslims and/or Arabs, even Ishmaelites, to remind the world that Ishmael was a wild ass of a man, and so are these neighbors of ours, these vicious, sadistic, conscienceless, brutish tribal savages…