Hallucinating AntiJews

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…Well, it was another quiet day lethal projectile-wise, thank G-d. No reports of Qassam rockets, Grad rockets, mortar shells landing and the consequent terrorizing of thousands and thousands of Jews with one of those infernal devices.

But the verbal bombs were plentiful in the MSM. Let’s see: Haaretz hard copy this morning, reporting from New York, said that Ban-Ki-Moon secretary-General of an organization dominated by Muslim and Arab states that pay him a nice salary, had his words read by a spokesman in Montevideo, Uruguay at what was billed as a “UN Latin-American and Caribbean Meeting in support of Middle East Peace.”

Let’s stop right there. Even before we get to his words, it sounds like there has just been another UN junket after hundreds of them over the decades in which diplomats gather in some nice hotel in some capital for first-class accommodations and meals and discussions in which a major topic is the crimes committed by the Jews against the Ancient Ones. Here was Ban-Ki-moon at the moment in London so his spokesmen read his preferred remarks for him in which he denounced Israel’s “policy of occupation and continued settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem… A way must be found for Jerusalem to be the capital of two states, Israel and Palestine [just the Salomons, right?] while guaranteeing access to holy sites under arrangements acceptable to all.”

Hey, there’s a new expression. Every few years the antiJews at the UN come up with another one. I never saw that one before. But its meaning is plain. Holy sites in Jerusalem will be managed in a way acceptable to the Ancient Ones, to the Muslims – and they do not accept Jewish control on the Temple Mount since 1967.

And judging by history what is acceptable to Muslims is not even a mirror-image of the current situation in with Israel in control but still allowing Muslim access, albeit controlled. Islam does not want to reverse this situation in which Islam is dominant but the Jews still have access.

No. Islam since its nasty birth has denied that Jews have any rights. In Islam the Jews lived on sufferance and in Eretz Yisrael had no access to their holy sites because in Islamic truth, the Temple Mount, the Cave of the Patriarchs, these are Muslim holy sites that the Jews only claim belong to them…