The Missiles of March

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…You all saw I imagine how famous Israeli novelist Amos Oz sent an autographed copy of his last autobiographical book to Marwan Barghouti with an inscription saying more or less that he hoped to see him out of prison one day when there is peace.

Amos Oz is a big friend of St. Simon of Oslo, and this reminds yours truly of Uncle Shimon during the height of the Oslo delirium that he brought on kissing Yasir Arafat on the cheek. Same behavior.

There is something very wrong with such people, and being an old, unreconstructed Freudian I keep seeing in such types of people at war with a hated parent, usually a father. For sure, so many of them, when interviewed in the press concerning their anti-Jew/anti-Israel views bring up a parent, commonly the father. I remember Jeremy ben-Ari founder of J Street doing that; referring to his father who had been aboard the Altalena in 1948 when Rabin killed more than a dozen Etzel men, a/k/a Irgun men. That is when Ben-Ami’s father left the country and Jeremy grew up in America.

I have seen this happen many times. The American Jewish playwright Arthur Miller once said something similar. He was a university student in the turbulent 1930s and said that all the communists he knew hated their fathers.

And here as well in the news last week was this miserable Jew-bashing at the UN, this movie premiere shown in the UN General Assembly chamber – something never done before – directed by Julian Schnabel who also has made known the fact in this week of publicity that his mom was the head of Hadassah in Brooklyn when he was a boy.

There is something so wrong in an Amos Oz sending a gift to Marwan Barghouti, this mass murderer responsible for the random murder of some 30 human beings (though for, legal technical reasons he was charged with and convicted of only five).

Marwan Barghouti, I think, is in the same moral category with a serial-killer who murders 30 innocent strangers. Books and TV movies of the week and documentaries have been made about such demons as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, or the Hollywood fictional Hannibal Lecter, these madmen, agents of evil. Every sober, moral person in civilization is horrified by such serial killers, these cold-blooded sociopaths.

Well, Marwan Barghouti is one of them. And that Amos Oz and David Grossman and other Enlightened Jews take the side of such people is immoral. Pathologically immoral…