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…I came across an interesting tidbit the other day by David Horowitz writing in about lecture he just gave at Brooklyn College coincidently on the night of the slaughter at Itamar, which he wrote up the next day.

His audience was students, presumably faculty, for and against his views. After his remarks, there was a question time from the audience, and of course Muslims approached the microphone not to challenge the facts he brought up but just smear him for smearing Muslims and being a McCarthy-ite. No facts, no reasoning, no logical argumentation, just name-calling.

And then Horowitz wrote the following: “What struck me afterwards was this. Every Muslim in the room was a member of the Palestinian Club at Brooklyn College. But not one of them spoke as a Palestinian. I had said that Palestinians had elected two terrorist governments to rule over them, that Palestinians were willing to kill their own children in order to kill other children, that their schools taught their children to hate and kill Jews, that as a people they had sunk to the lowest moral level in history. I had said that they were indistinguishable from Nazis. And not one Palestinian in that room stood up to defend themselves as Palestinians. To a man and a woman, they said, “You are accusing all Muslims of being terrorists.”

Yes, indeedy. That is one the recurring messages on DPP: there are no “Palestinians,” that is, there is no Palestinian material in history to draw upon, because the Muslims never saw the outlines of a country called Palestine. The very term has meaning for Jews and Christians as a synonym for the Promised Land, but not Muslims. It appears nowhere in the Qur’an. There were no Palestinian leaders in history, no military or political, or scientific or literary figures. These so-called Palestinians have no culture that is Palestinian to inspire them with examples of Palestinian life in Palestine that they yearn to resurrect – as we Jews never stopped calling to mind every day for thousands of years in our prayers this Land. Every day numerous times Jews have called to mind Eretz Yisrael and dreamed of returning to it.

Every week in the Torah reading we read of the land promised to us; this Land.

But the Ancient Ones? The whole gestalt of Palestinian Nationalism is nothing but water-pipe smoke coming from a nargila stuffed with powerful hash.

What they do have and what truly motives them is Islam, this nasty plagiarization of Jewishness stolen and perverted and used to justify their Ishmaelitic-Hamitic aggression.

Islam is this generation’s Communism; its Nazism. It is a menace to mankind and not coincidentally, first of all, a menace to us Jews…