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Program Link: Democracy or Jew-Hatred? The Libyan Edition

…Well, speaking before the music of a website called OutLawIslam.org, one of the news stories that prompted that thought was the interesting good piece on the WashingtonInstitute.org website for Near East Policy by Simon Henderson on tomorrow’s “Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia,” which will be interesting to read after Shabbat, to see how it went in a country where the priesthood backs the king in his ruling that demonstrating against the government is a violation of Islamic law, of sharia.

You got that? This is home base, this country, for the Islamic religion world-wide, and here are its priests who could not be more un-American in backing a law which says it’s against your religion to protest against the government. You have no freedom of assembly.

Tell that the people in Madison, Wisconsin today. Tell that to the people in Berkeley, California or in San Antonio, Texas. Imagine a future when Islam conquers, G-d forbid, the United States and the official state religion in Texas is Islam, and this state mosque denies you the right to protest actions taken by the government. What would Texans say?

This is another reason why Islam must be outlawed, leastwise in the free and democratic west. Islam is the polar antithesis of the West’s culture and veneration of the ideas of liberty and freedom and independence and individuality unbridled by a government, to the extent that is possible.

Can you imagine living in a community under a king and a priesthood that tells you have no right to demonstrate against the government? And that if you do, it is not only a crime, it is a sin?

Maybe you saw the New York Times piece on Tuesday-Laurie Goodstein on Bridget Gabriel. It’s a fair bet Ms. Goodstein is typically dejudaized, Ivy League educated young woman who clearly objects to Bridget Gabriel the Lebanese Christian who suffered first hand at the hands of violent Muslims presenting a portrait that is “unrecognizable to those who study or practice the religion.”

This is the same spirit as that of the ADL and Reform Jews among whom Ms. Goodstein likely grew up. She recoils and singling out Islam for such a negative portrayal.

But that’s just the way it is…