Israel’s Apology Tour

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…Come to think of it, not only was Sarah Palin right when she said, “Stop apologizing.” How reminiscent that is of the right-on nickname for Emir Barack Hussein’s foreign trips as his Apology Tour, and the Oslo process itself was one big apology on the part of Israel acted out by the reigning Leftists at the time: Rabin the communist-raised lunkhead and the famous Marxist philosopher Uncle Shimon and his vizier the famous scientist Dr. Joseph Beilin. PhD.

They recognized, they saluted the injustice done to people they learned to call the “Palestinians” who must be compensated, as the Jewish survivors of Nazism have been sent monthly payments for decades by first the West German government and now the current one. These Palestinians – and never mind that in the 1920s and 30s of their youth, Rabin and Peres did not call them Palestinians but just Arabs – they are now perceived as the antiJews wanted them to be perceived – as victims of injustice done them not only in the past but every day by Israel that refuses to hand back their territory Israel aggressively took away from them.

That is who the so-called Palestinians are. They have no other narrative in history besides this. The world knows absolutely nothing of their doings in history; of their leaders, their heroes, their philosophers, poets, kings, their artists; the battles their kings fought at the head of the “Palestinian” nation. All the world knows of these “Palestinians” is their victimization at the hands of the perfidious Jews.

One of these days some Israeli leader has got to stand up and tell the lords of political correctness in our time that the king of Palestine has no clothes…