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…The lede story in JPost hard copy this morning was the latest tactic of the Fatah enemy here, re-branded by the foolish Enlightened Oslo jerks as the Palestinian Authority. The front page’s major headline was “PA seeking to have Hamas removed from US, EU terror lists.”

Translation, rather implication: The Oslo Peace Process was a colossal mistake. The original sin was mistaking Fatah for a re-formed, ex-terrorist organization. The whole process rested on that belief. And once when the murder and mayhem got really hot and heavy here, St. Simon of Oslo admonished Arafat, when his people were butchering us big time, saying that at the White House he had ended his career as a terrorist and became a statesman, or words to that effect. Now he is an ex-terrorist, said Uncle Shimon.

In other words, this fool Peres and all the Oslo fools believed Arafat had finally sworn off terrorism. He believed this mass murderer of innocent people, as if mass murderers were not also capable of lying and dissembling and being insincere. That all these people believed in Arafat’s transformation is something for the next Barbara Tuchman-like historian to write in a sequel to her book called The March of Folly on how otherwise intelligent statesmen and leaders pursue obviously reckless and ultimately failed policies.

Prior to Oslo for 17 years the US demanded that Arafat renounce terrorism. He in turn produced one seeming renunciation after another but all were rejected for containing too many weasel words.

Finally, in 1988 the Jew-boys in the State Department persuaded their boss Secretary of State George Schultz that Arafat’s latest statement finally fit the jackpot bill, and he won recognition for having renounced off terrorism – only two years later he refused to denounce PLO terrorist Muhammad Abbas when he launched a Jew-massacre operation (thank G-d the IDF foiled that) and the recognition from America was withdrawn.

Still, in 1993 when Arafat promised Beilin, Peres and Rabin that this time he was sincere, they believed him, these morons, these immoral morons. Before asking Arafat to claim he would not be a terrorist any more, how about arresting and trying him and punishing him for all his terrorist crimes? Who were these idiots to arrogate the right to cleanse this evil man of his sins?

And JPost this morning told us that Nabil Shaath just made the rounds of friendly EU capitals asking that the EU and the US remove Hamas from their terror list of groups because that will enable Ancient Ones to reunite the two feuding wings of their Ancient Palestinian movement of national liberation.

Again, as in 1993, it would be a mistake to believe these people are ready for peace and membership in the family of nation-states because they still can’t see the difference between legitimate warfare and terrorist atrocities; what they call the armed struggle. What Nabil Shaath is asking for is their definition of what it means to fight clean.

They still don’t get it. And until they do – until they see and understand why civilized people are so nauseated by their tactics – such men must be given nothing…