The Arab Mind

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Today the Fatah movement, led by Mahmoud Abbas, whom Saint Simon of Oslo the Fool believes wants peace, posted on its website praise for the three wild asses who attacked our Border Police outside of Damascus Gate yesterday, murdered poor Hadar, hy’d, wounded her friend and were slain by the victims’ teammates in the Border Police. The Fatah organization described the three murderers as “role models who competed with each over martyrdom and all were victorious. They are role models across the length and breadth of the homeland.”

The father of one of these wild jackasses in human form, which is what pereh adam really means, said, “We received the news with joy, a Martyr. The Lord chose him from among the beople to be a martyr. Allah will pardon him, and we hope he will be among the people of Paradise, Allah, praise Allah in any case.”

See what I mean? There is an abyss between the Jewish mind and the Arab. Our G-d does not want human sacrifice, their God revels in it as do his faithful. These are not of the seed of Avraham and ultimately Shem ben-Noach but Hagar bas Mitzrayim bas Ham ben Noach.

And not only the Fatah had its say. On PA TV last night, also a Fatah operation ultimately answerable to Dr. Abbas, an Arab’s idea of an historian, the newscast – this is also from PMW – the newscast opened with a report on the death as martyrs of three who died from “the occupation’s bullets at Damascus Gate. They died as martyrs” and there was no mention of their attack. Only later in the broadcast what they pulled off was a “shooting and stabbing operation that caused the death of one soldier,” though in the same report a Fatah operative from their settlement of Qabatiya said they were “executed in cold blood.” You know, like Abbas himself claiming Israelis murdered a boy, when he knew that the boy was alive…