Israel’s Tragic Divide

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, the fissure in Israeli society that has yet to be repaired is the divide between Jews proud to be Jews and those desperate to eradicate this very special national identity.

Indeed, when the delusional Shimon Peres was most drunk on his messianic Oslo plan, he envisioned a new Middle East with open borders as in Europe, where businessmen and tourists of the region could come and go as they please, Israel included, and even be accepted as member-state in the Arab League!

He really said that.

In a way, it is always Hanukkah in Israel, the endless tug-of-war between Jews content to be Jews and those determined to mingle and meld with offspring of Esau a.k.a. the Hellenists. This is one way of looking at the Women of the Wall cultists who want to pray in in mixed company, that is, in gentile fashion…