Israel Stands Mute

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And I remained constantly amazed at how official Israel looks the other way and basically buries its head in the sand so as not to confront the truth that with such a man a mutually respectful agreement to share Jerusalem and the Land of Israel is not of this world, this reality.

What I would like to see is Israel launch a major public relations campaign against the mountain of lies that is enemy propaganda, starting with the tall tale of an historical Palestinian nation with historical national rights here.

Israel needs to broadcast in Arabic, on TV, on the radio; to create Arabic language pages on the Internet; to lecture that the Palestinian identity is a fraud; that this country was home to Syrians for centuries in the minds of Arabs and Muslims. It was all Syria, and modern Syria came into being in 1946, so the Arabs here have had a state since then and don’t need another one called Balestine, not when Haj Amin, the locals must be taught, said there was no such country and Jerusalem was located in Syria whose capital was Damascus. That is what Haj Amin said and every Arab here must be told that…