The Power of Judaism, Up and Down

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The power of Jewishness, the power of all the ideas connected to the religion of the Jewish people never ceases to amaze.

Out of the Torah miSinai came not only the Jewish people with the most extraordinary lifespan in the history of peoples, still going after almost 4,000 years, in which Jews were surely murdered in every year, sometimes in massive numbers; from Judaism came today’s billion-plus Christians with their amazingly productive 2000 years of history, whose religion claims to be the real Jewish religion.

Judaism also gave birth to a billion-plus Muslims whose religion is nothing but the theft of Judaism.

The power of the Jewish idea ignited the greatest war in history in which in 60 million people died.

The power of Jewishness also spit out the utopian, messianic perversion that is Marxism which took the lives in Russia, China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, etc. of more than 100 million others. The Bible is a text that created civilization itself and its accomplishments, but also its opposite, wars and episodes of destruction beyond compare.

The Jews and all they represent have a power to move history unlike any other set of ideas and stories…