The Perdurability of Jew-Hate

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Mr. Makarim Wisibono, UNHRC Rapporteur, said he wants an investigation of Israel for using “excessive force” against Balestinians, but says not a word about the use of force by them against Israel. Here is this Muslim judging Israel’s use of force to be excessive, but says nothing about the amount of force used by a Muslim plunging a dagger into the back of Shlomit from Horon, age 21, and murdering her, or into the chest of Hadar Cohen, age 19, and murdering her. One wonders if this Indonesian thinks at all of the amount of force used by Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as they slash Jewish throats.

He labeled Israel’s blockade of Gaza “collective punishment” but has never said a word, as far as I know, about the collective punishment of launching thousands of rockets into Sderot and surrounding peaceful Jewish communities that have terrified thousands of people. If that is not collective punishment, nothing is.

A whole generation of Jewish children in Sderot has been traumatized, suffering from PTSD, but about the cause of this suffering he is mute…