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Program Link: GRAPHIC VIDEO: Ax-wielding Palestinian terrorist attacks security guard
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This Arab with his hatchet is one sick son of a bitch to do this to a man. Come up behind him and bash him in the skull with the hatchet and sink it into him again and again. Tzvika on the floor cannot rise and can only lift an arm which is no defense. Again and again and again this animal-like man chops away like a butcher only not into animal carcass but a living human being who this savage enjoys, for sure, sinking that hatchet into this Jew’s head and body.

And by the way, in the above sentence for the first-time ever, I think, in 18 years of doing commentary, I used the word “animal’ to describe the Arabs. I have never liked it when people do that. It is enough to call them evil, cruel, barbaric savages but not animals.

Well, after watching this video, I finally broke through that barrier and am forced to use the term animal to describe that Arab with that hatchet in hand chopping and chopping into poor Tzvika Cohen…