Israel’s Unnamed Terrorist Adversaries

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And that is what is going on here in this statement by the indignant Foreign Press Association. How dare Israel accuse foreign journalists of bias? And not only that. By implication, in their coverage of Israel’s “campaign against terrorism,” one issue is its “legitimacy that is determined by how it conducts that campaign.”

Notice, no reference to dagger-wielding Arabs shrieking “Allahu Akbar.” No reference to Muslim maniacs bent not only on homicide but suicide. What is put under the microscope is the “legitimacy of Israel’s conduct,” but not the conduct of its enemies.

The clash here is between Israel and terrorism, an abstract idea, when I say the clash is between Israel and Ishmael, between Israel and mad dog Arab Muslims bent on murdering Jews doing them, at the moment, no harm. Maybe you saw the video of the stabbing at Neve Daniel this week of a jogger, all alone on a path in the hills of Judea, by an antisemitic Arabian hiding in a bush who jumped out as the jogger passed to stab the Jew in the back, and I emphasize Jew…