The Truth Comes Out

Internet Radio

…People who don’t know Hebrew think torah means law when it really means “teaching” and is related to the word moreh, for teacher. G-d gave us His teaching at Mt. Sinai, we accepted it, and ever since people have hated us. And they hate us because they logically can’t hate G-d. Like the dog who does not bite the hand that feeds it, so mankind cannot hate He who gave them the life they have and fear losing more than anything on earth. In some dark and deep recess in their minds, they know G-d gave them life and so they cannot hate G-d consciously but they can hate the people He hired, so to speak, to teach His teaching, which begins with the lesson in the Garden of Eden, which is “Curb your appetite.” Don’t eat everything you can eat. It is a kosher law. Curb your appetite when it comes to food, money, sex.

The top story in post-Jewish Israel today was the sex scandal of Eyal Golan, the country’s No. 1 pop singer alleged to have participated in orgies with young teenage girls. You know, the groupie syndrome…