Pathological Liars

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Program Link: Childhood friend of Obama comes forward with damaging information

…Well, in addition to last Thursday afternoon’s TV interview of John Kerry by an Israeli journalist and a pseudo-Palestinian, a main topic of Thursday’s webcast, the interview in which John Kerry served as Mahmoud Abbas’s mouthpiece, he evidently was even worse in private the following day. He had not planned to fly to Geneva to participate in the P5+1 farce of negotiating with Iran, but chose to do that real fast, so Prime Minister Bibi went to Ben Gurion Airport to meet with him there. And when Netanyahu left the meeting, he was obviously furious and, some might conclude, frightened. Kerry evidently told him of the deal in the works which was all about pleasing the Iranians and doing absolutely nothing to stop their bomb-building project.

The two of them were supposed to pose for the ritual, smiling handshake afterwards but Bibi nixed that and left the airport posthaste and told the media that this is a deal that Israel rejects utterly. He said it requires nothing of the Iranians, and evidently it was the French foreign minister who, I understand, like Kerry, raced to Geneva to participate and apparently to foil this plan. This takes us back to the 1950s and 60s when France was Israel’s protector not the United States…