Israel’s American Enemies

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Program Link: Anti-Semitism is at the root of the UN’s double-standards

…So a major story in the field I write about was this latest American aggression against Israel which Israelis are so puzzled about. Apparently last Wednesday, and not for the first time, the Israeli Air Force struck inside Syria to either destroy an airfield and/or shipment of Soviet-made SA-8 missiles the Syrians had planned to send to Hezbollah in Lebanon. And not for the first time someone or ones in the government in Washington, presumably inside the White House told CNN that Israel did it when everyone knows Israel does not like that, to put it mildly. It goads Bashaar al-Assad into attacking if only to maintain his Arab honor. And why would anyone in Washington want Israel to get dragged into this combat between a bunch of Arab tribesmen these days mistaken for political factions? The Alawite tribe against the Sunni tribe and Christian tribe and Shiite tribe Iranian tribe. They are all slaughtering one another in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and why would anyone in Washington want to goad Assad into firing missiles into Israel, guided missiles?