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…The last item: We began with yesterday’s latest human sacrifice of a Jewish man to the satanic appetite of a blood-thirsty Arab, and PMW just posted a video showing a recent sermon by the PA Minister for Religious Affair, Mahmoud Habbash, who said, following the report of the exhumation of the remains of the human viper Arafat and the claim that the Israelis killed him, this Minister in the PA said Arafat died a martyr. “We never had the slightest doubt the Israelis killed him one way or the other. When the Prophet Muhammad was dying he told his wife Aisha ‘I feel the pain of the poison I ate in Khaibar.’” That was the Jewish community he massacred and decapitated. According to Muslim tradition, a Jewess captured at the time and forced to work as a cook for Muhammad poisoned him. Unlike companions who dined with him that day who died immediately, he sensed the poison right away and spit most of it out in time, but a small amount did get in which was enough to kill some time later.

This is a narrative particularly liked by the Shiites. As inveterate thieves, as the Christians blamed the Jews for killing Jesus, so the Muslims blame the Jews for killing Muhammad…