Imaginary PM

Internet Radio

…So imagine Israel had a prime minister who summons the press corps here, especially with Kerry in town. (I think on a regular basis hundreds of journalists are based here as nowhere else except Washington. And with Kerry in town, there are even more.

Imagine the prime minister announcing an unprecedented press conference billed as the delivering of a major policy address who speaks the following words:

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press and the world community, Shalom. I am here to tell you all that as a representative of the people of the State of Israel, this government is suspending all peace talks with the Arabs in Judea and Samaria until their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, confesses that like his co-religionist Barack Hussein Obama promising “You can keep your health plan” and was lying when he did, when he Abbas said yesterday in Bethlehem of all places, the Balestinians have been in this land since the birth of Jesus, he too was lying.

Abbas has to take that back, and admit it is lie. He claims to be a doctor of the philosophy of history and that in historical fact there is not one scrap of evidence of a Palestinian people living here 2,000 years ago. Christian Scripture records events here and the cast of characters includes Jews, Romans, Samaritans, Egyptians, Greeks, and maybe more. A variety of peoples but not one word about a Balestinian people…