Bennett Bests Amanpour

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…During World War II in the Allied countries, no one had any doubt who the good guys were and who were the bad guys. Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo were the bad guys, and FDR and Churchill were the good guys.

But in our time, we Jews are denied whole-hearted support and whole-hearted rejection of the thinking, ideas and values of our regional, mortal enemies. Oh no. We too are at fault, guilty as Friedman said in his column. To repeat, Israel is “devouring Palestinian farms and homes in the West Bank in ways that are ugly, brutal, selfish, and deceitful.” That is a string of four whopping lies about us Jews. 1. We are not devouring Palestinian farms. Since 1967 we have built exclusively on barren land. Sometimes the ownership is in doubt, but what is never in doubt is that the land the enemy contests we stole is barren. We have expelled no people from their homes other than those who built without normal building permits on territory that is legally and morally ours…