It’s the Jews’ Fault. Always.

Internet Radio

…Last item: again last Thursday, maybe you saw news of the amusing incident at the UN when one of the interpreters, forgetting her mike was open, wondered out loud, to all present in the General Assembly, why Israel was the only country that the body ever attacked.

On that day there were nine separate votes on nine separate resolutions attacking Israel. She commented that all kinds of bad things were happening in the world and “nobody says anything,” and many of those with their earphones on let out a laugh.

That’s right. If you have never checked out the link on the DPP home page on UN votes, you can get a flavor of the repetition compulsion that is acted out at the UN all the time: Israel-bashing via voting for these resolutions which have no legal weight. They are basically just restatements of Jewish perfidy. If the UN can be likened to a temple, its central cult is Jew-bashing, and that only makes yours truly smile…