Islam: What is it?

Internet Radio

…The world is obsessed with Israel, so evident in this story about the allegedly miserable state of health care in the “occupied Palestinian territories” presumably because we cruel and sadistic Jews keep it that way. When the truth is that our presence here since 1967 has worked miracles in the matter of health care here; in terms of lowering the Arabs’ infant mortality rate, extending their life-span.

Last week the famous Ancient Palestinian peace processor Saeb Erekat addressed the UN and whined about the apartheid here. Two years ago I had a medical problem which resulted in a 24-hour stay at Hadassah Ein Kerem, mostly for tests, and I was examined by Jewish doctors and Arab doctors, and served by Jewish and Arab male and female nurses, and spent the night in a room with three other men, two of us Israelites, two of us Ishmaelites. What in the name of sanity is this scheisekopf Erekat talking about?…