Lapid in the Times

Internet Radio

…This morning on radio Galei Tsahal’s flagship morning political program with Razi Barka’i, he and his military political guests discussed the Muhammad ad-Dura story for almost half an hour and I did not hear even once the words “antisemitism” or “blood libel,” let alone reference to, say, William of Norwich, an English boy in the year 1144, smack dab in the middle of the Crusader period who turned up dead and whose death was attributed to the evil Jews, which led to the murder of one of them. This case is remembered as the first of many in Europe for centuries to come; which belief in the blood-thirstiness of Jews is alive and well among our neighbors.

To be fair, there are voices here who have seen the classic blood libel at work here, but rarely do they belong to the secular elite…