Cowards of the Left

Internet Radio

…And likewise Herzl’s spiritual offspring today, Israel’s Leftists. Just today the latest Pew Research Center poll reported that 40% of Muslims support suicide bombing.

Now, dying for one’s religion under certain circumstances is even a Jewish value. Knowingly going to one’s death for a religious principle deserves honor, but tragically the Muslim barbarians, 40% of them who think this way, suffer from a kind of monocular vision. All they see is the act from the point of the suicide bomber sacrificing for a cause greater than his own life; what they don’t see are his victims: innocent passersby, undefended, women, children, old people at random whose lives the suicide maniac takes from them. He may have the right to sacrifice for his beliefs in order to reach Paradise, but he does not have the right to sacrifice me and others for his quest.

Gai gezunterheit, go kill yourself Abdul, but leave me and us Jewish people out of it…