Jewishness Can Make People Crazy

Internet Radio

…This for me was a jaw-dropper. He writes as if the Oslo years never happened; as if people today who do not want to trade land for peace have no basis for that other than their own bigotry toward the Ancient Ones rather than their sober conclusions.

Dershowitz writes as if the Oslo years, the Handshake on the White House Lawn, never happened. That was truly a major effort at trading land for peace with the Balestinians, but it failed. Failed big time, Alan, but you seem not to have noticed or learned from the experience.

Dershowitz writes as if those horrendous explosions here did not lead sober people to declare the initiative a bust, big time. It got so bad on Pesach 2002, when a dining-room full of old Jews were obliterated in an explosion so powerful it left no bodies to bury, only gore and splatter to vacuum up, after which Prime Minister Sharon ordered the army of Israel to take back all the land we traded for peace, Alan. But you want to try it again?…