Israel Hi-Tech vs. Russian Hi-Tech

Internet Radio

…Well, on the domestic front here in the Judenstaat, if not quite the Judescher Staat, the bill calling for drafting Haredim and throwing their draft-dodgers in jail passed its ministerial committee vote and must now be voted on by the full cabinet and the Knesset.

Yair Lapid got his way and held a press conference to gloat, and in another apostrophe to a hypothetical Haredi youth he tried to persuade him that his rabbis were just trying to scare him, for this bill can only help by leading toward his absorption into Israeli society. Lapid said, “What is happening is not an attack on the Torah. We do not intend – God forbid – to force upon him secularism or our version of how to be an Israeli.”

And again, as observed last webcast, Lapid most certainly does have in mind Israeliness at the center of his identity. Like the liar Obama, he certainly does, like his father, yearn to see Haredim abandon Jewishness in favor of Israeliness…