No S-300s?

Internet Radio

…You all know that last Thursday Imam Barack Hussein delivered a long and rambling speech on terrorism, over 6,000 words only three of which referred to Islam.

In all honesty I tried to read what he said at the National Defense University but I confess I couldn’t. Because I do not believe a word this man speaks.

Analysts who do take him seriously found his words unreal. His claim that the terror threat is now lower than before 9-11 was, as Steve Emerson said, a “total fabrication.” Newt Gingrich found his words ‘stunningly, breathtakingly naïve.”

Well, that is again where I part company with the otherwise highly intelligent Gingrich. I don’t think he is naïve. I have never thought he ever sincerely said anything. He is an empty suit with a sinister agenda.

I hope he is nailed for the dereliction of duty over Benghazi and removed from office for this alone…