Nerve-Wracking Threats

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…Anyway, the foregoing has been largely the fruit of today’s nerve-wracking news. Scenarios of flights of missiles targeting our cities and airfields and naval patrol boats.

It is not pleasant to wake to the morning’s first news with threats of missiles on Tel-Aviv made by Sultan Bashaar in Damascus if Israel again strikes a fourth time. The first three were on an arsenal of missiles, and a convoy of missiles, and chemical plant.

Israel has laid down its marker that Hezbollah will not take possession of these advanced missiles, and Assad has to respond at some point.

Israel in turn, it is rumored in the news. has countered that threat with its own to liquidate altogether the Assad regime if he does that.

With Putin and Russians making their own threats because they are determined not to see him go down.

Not a pleasant day, news-wise here today…