Violent Haredim?

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…And lastly a word about our neighbor about Syria where on Friday 44 people were suicide-bombed to death in front Syria’s intelligence headquarters in the middle of Damascus. I think there were another forty dead today.

The Arab League’s observer mission, the head was to arrive last night Sudanese Gen. Muhammad Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi who was head of Sudanese intelligence when Sudan’s ruling Arab Muslim elite was slaughtering hundreds of thousands of black Muslim Sudanese, the Darfur people. It is this guy the Arab League chose to lead the peace-keeping mission, the monitoring mission.

This is Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka.

The best thing the world could do, if it had the money and will would be to invade all Arab lands, conquer them and rule them as colonies, as in the good old days, for left to their own devices, these Hamitic Arabs are a blight on humankind…