The Ugly Israeli

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…So this week we had the big demo of thousands on Tuesday night in Beit Shemesh against a dozen budding sociopaths as symbols of Haredi Jews everywhere and then there was another heroine created this week like Tanya Rosenblit, who thinking she too was Rosa Parks deliberately riding a mehadrin bus to challenge the preference of the people aboard for their preferred mode of public conveyance. This was a girl soldier Doron which interestingly enough is one of those bisexual names used here by both men and women.

And then this morning in the newspaper was this dramatic studio photograph, done by like fashion photographer, of eight famous women in Israel facing the camera, taking a stand against what their spokesman called “an ugly, internal Israeli tsunami that wants to sweep us all away.”

And who their spokeswoman was Tsipi Livni right there in the middle of the picture, most forward, standing closest to the camera, dressed in black trousers and black top like a ninja prepared to do battle. Her statement to the press about this “tsunami threatening to sweep Israel away” was characteristic of the anti-Haredi posturing and hysteria.

Also in the photo at her right hand was actress Gila Almagor who said, “I am sure that in Israel a new Jew grew up, proud, free. And suddenly I get smacked in the face with the segregation of women in the face. A Haredi spits at a 7 year-old girl and calls her a slut. I’m sorry this is not the country we grew up in. I really think we have to take to the streets because social justice begins and ends with people.” Whatever that means.

Notice the old Zionist ideal of a “new Jew,” because the old Jew was what caused antisemitism. We are not going to be like that, we Israelis, we sabras. The unspoken background to her remark is the contempt for Jews who were responsible in part for their own fate. Brought it on themselves with their dreadful religion.
One doubts Gila Almagor has any awareness of how she sounds like an antisemite. She objects, as she should, to the behavior of a handful of budding sociopaths but then uses the fact of their existence them to smear all Haredi Jews, which she shouldn’t.

The Enlightened are acting as ugly as the Jews that hate…