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Courting the PLO: Yuk

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…Mentioned before was the person of Zakaria al-Agha – Zakaria being another Jewish name the Ishmaelites stole – the PLO rep in the Gaza rectangle who in JPost today said that the PA was going to the UN because Pasha Barack Hussein in the White House in his speech to the UN a year ago talked about the establishment of an Balestinian state with one year.

How true. And we may be on the verge of seeing yet another negative consequence of Obama’s statecraft. When he came into office, remember, he ordered us Jews as no president ever has to stop building in Judea and Samaria and our Holy City, and as a result this became the bottom line for the PLO and ever since there have been no peace talks. Way to go Barack Hussein.

And now it appears that when the Holocaust Denier in a few days asks some UN body to given him title to the heart of the heart of the Promised Land, the US is likely to cut off the half-billion dollars Obama has asked Congress to give the Ancient Ones over the next fiscal year starting on 1 October, a week later.

Hence, in the Israeli media this morning were various stories on the defense establishment not wanting this to happen, as the thug Mansour earlier threatened, because it could lead to violence in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, which the army of course does not want. Things are quiet now, and the army fears mass disgruntlement and a return to intifada with its serial atrocities if this aid money is cut off.

Indeed, how like the age of the Barbary Pirates – redux. The world is threatened with violence by Muslims who feel an injustice is done when they are not paid money.

What Israel has done to itself these last 18 years is turn the Arabs in Judea and Samaria into welfare addicts living off cash from outside that buys their quiescence.

The Zionists, by contrast, were never the recipients of foreign aid from foreign governments for almost 100 years of land reclamation and the resurrection of Jewish community life here. Not until after statehood did Israel begin to receive a penny in aid, and even then not much.

Versus these Arabs, whose cousins are of course all over the Middle East swimming in oceans of petro-dollars for decades who nonetheless are mostly supported by non-Arab states who turnover these billions of dollars and euros.

This is one reason why “Palestinian nationalism” is such a hoax: it is the creation of the world community and especially the post-Christians in Europe who after the Holocaust had no way to continue with their venerable anti-Jew hatred until they could invent after the Six-Day War Ancient Palestinians and begin supplying them with diplomatic muscle and recently to pursue the war against the Jews enjoyed by both Muslims and these post-Christians.

Turn off the spigot of foreign aid to this alleged nation of Balestinians and their national liberation movement would dry up, would wither, die and be blown away, gone with the wind…

Erdogan Must be Stopped II

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…So, this London telegraph piece filed last night was about the likely emergence of an Islamist regime in post-Gaddafi Libya, while last Thursday, on 8 September, the American Thinker ran a piece by one Rick Moran who claimed that Libya’s rebels are now in possession of thousands of Russia’s version of the American Stinger missile which did so much to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan and lead ultimately to the collapse of the Soviet Union. You know the Stinger missile? Easy to fire off your shoulder at flying aircraft quite high and destroy them in flight.

The fighting in Libya these months has opened for pillage stockpiles of weapons that Gaddafi had purchased. One source for Rich Moran was a CNN report by a human rights worker in Libya who says there were some 20,000 surface-to-air missiles in Libya when the revolt against Gaddafi erupted, and in every locale that the rebels had overrun, one of their first activities is to loot the missiles which can be sold on the black market for mucho dinero and of course wind up in the hands of soul mates of bin Ladin and Arafat and the entire host of Ishmaelitic demoniacs.

Moran cited this Human Rights worker who thinks the whole of North Africa could become a no-fly zone because no airline would dare risk the threat of being shot out of the sky.

Absent from this report was any reference to us, but of course a Jew living in Israel cannot avoid the implications. We are a land-locked country serviced and supplied by ships and planes, and we cannot afford to have our skies made unsafe.

There already has been an almost humorous news item about the fancy car with Libyan license plates taken out of Libya, driven across Egypt and smuggled into the Gaza Strip through those tunnels.

And who knows what other weapons from Libya are now in the Strip, including these Russian “Grinch” missiles as they are known in the West.

HaShem Yirakhem. G-d have mercy…

Derfner & Baskin

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Program Link: Egyptian Cleric Dr. Sallah Sultan, Founder of the American Center for Islamic Research, Calls to Kill Israeli Ambassador and Tourists in Egypt

…In Maariv yesterday there was a kind of follow-up to last webcast’s follow-up to the boys in Afghanistan story, whose larger context was sexuality in Islam in general. Citing the Sunday Times of Malta, which by the way is in spitting distance of Libya, Maariv said that those beautiful Libyan women we used to see in Ninja uniforms who were presented over the years as Gaddafi’s bodyguards, presumably volunteers because they loved El Supremo so much, were in truth recruited against their will and in the service were regular targets for rape by Gaddafi and his sons and their friends.

What a degenerate culture these Arabs propagate. has covered the Egyptian press in its response to the massacre of Jews near Eilat and the subsequent killing of five Egyptian soldiers. The veteran government newspaper down there, Al-Ahram, the country’s largest in circulation, editorialized by accusing Israel of planning this assault on the Egyptian soldiers. In the mind of the columnist, the shooting of the Egyptians was not the accidental outcome of events that day but their planned purpose, for the whole episode was the handiwork of the Israelis who infiltrated the PRC terror group and engineered the attack. In the mind of this columnist, it was an Israeli trick to get the PRC to attack those cars so that the IDF could then, in the end, be able to kill the Egyptian soldiers nearby. The whole thing was an Israeli operation from start to finish.

In the independent newspaper Al Destour, another columnist likewise wrote, “We cannot rule out that the attack in Eilat was carried out by Israel, considering that it coincided with the escalation of protests within Israel…”

You got that? To distract attention from the social justice tents, the summer jamboree adult campers here, Netanyahu got the PRC to launch that attack which ended with the killing of the Egyptian soldiers.

This is apparently now the accepted wisdom in Araby, as after 9-11 most Arabs polled believed it was a Mossad plot to make Arabs look bad.

Israel will begin to approach the desired state of peace that HaShem wants for us by becoming truly a people that dwells alone; that withdraws from the ugly UN and stops pleading with the Arabs to make peace with us and become our friends.

Rather than pine for Shimon Peres’s dream of peaceful borders crossed daily by rich merchants and tourists, Israel would do better to cut off to the extent possible all contact with these people because there is an abyss that separates our civilization from their culture.

Israel has to be a true champion of true multiculturalism by telling the world that the world is home to a multiplicity of cultures and societies and between our community and theirs, we have nothing in common.

These Arabs are so different dialogue with them is virtually impossible. If this is how they perceive reality, there is nothing we can do to change their hearts.

Only HaShem knows when and how that will happen, and until then all we can do is live by His commandments in this Land, defend ourselves, but otherwise cast off these dreadfully wrong-headed sabra fantasies of living a normal life next to these to people…

Doron Rosenblum

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Program Link: Netanyahu has forgotten what it means to be Israeli

…Well, as of this posting, still no word on a deal in Washington over the debt ceiling crisis between the Muslim in the Oval Office and the representatives of the American people.

I think there is a real danger that this egomaniac may come to the conclusion that he stands no chance of being re-elected so why not make everything come crashing down now? He scares me.

As for cutting government spending, a fine idea was presented in Congress last Tuesday when Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch testified that the PA spends 5 million dollars a month, a major chunk of which is American taxpayer money, on paying the salaries of Arab terrorists in Israeli jails. Five million dollars a month paid to these convicted terrorists.

Have we all gone mad? In Israel? In America? Marcus, quoting from the PA version of Pravda, the official newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida, he told Congress that 5,500 Ishmaelites on the PA payroll are sitting in prison for their involvement in the mass murder of terrorism and getting paid.

And as an aside here parenthetically, what is this business of the US subsidizing a Palestinian Authority newspaper? Like Pravda, is it? Does the United States Government have its own newspaper? Does the United States Government have a monopoly on TV and radio broadcasts as does the PA and is paid to have?

A little over a week ago, it was reported that Marwan Barghouti was caught in prison with a smuggled cellphone and punished with time in solitary confinement.

Why is Israel paying to feed and house this mass murderer and give him medical care; this murderer of 30 people?

And then there was the story about the same time last week of the High Court ruling that Mustafa Dirani in Lebanon, the terrorist, has the right to sue the State of Israel for ill-treatment when held hostage here for 10 years in a bid to force Hezbollah to return POW Ron Arad.

This Hezbollah terrorist after his release returned to the working ranks of Hezbollah, i.e. working for the destruction of Israel, G-d forbid. And here the Israeli High Court agreed to adjudicate his claim; this enemy sworn to Israel’s destruction whose organization rained 4,000 missiles down on the north in 2005, and blew up our embassy in Argentina and murdered 80 other Jews there as well?

Have we all gone crazy?…

Jewish vs. Israeli ID

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…Now some might object to my earlier suggestion that there even is such a thing as authentic Judaism, versus the right of anyone to define Judaism as they see fit. To define, which is a verb that literally means to put limits or boundaries around something.

But let us look at the problem another way. Yours truly can be called an expert on Reform Judaism, and I can confidently say that Reform Jews do not honor the Fourth Commandment to keep the Sabbath, which word derives from the simple Hebrew verb “to sit.”

Like Buddhists who do Zazen/Zen sitting, so the word Sabbath on the page is the triliteral verbal root “to sit.” Meaning, stop. Stop pursuing your material quests for these 25 hours; stop creating, stop changing world and take the time to contemplate the world and its Creator of the world. But Reform Jews don‘t do that; they dishonor the Sabbath.

In their schools where they instruct future Reform rabbis, they teach the antiJew Higher Criticism (as it is called) invented in the 19th century by antisemitic German scholars, contemporaries of Karl Marx. The Reform teach there was no Moses who wrote down the words of G-d in the Five Books. They claim there were multiple versions of these stories and after the great exile to Babylon the rabbis edited them all together and basically hoodwinked gullible Jews into thinking there was one man named Moses who wrote them.

Reform Jews keep Torah scrolls in their Temples but of course every one of them was written by an Orthodox Jew, because there is no such thing as a Reform sofer stam / Reform scribe.

They circumcise their sons but the mohalim are always Orthodox because there are no Reform circumcisers.

A group of Jews that does not keep the Sabbath, does not write Torah scrolls and does not produce mohalim is a group of Jews destined for oblivion. And that is exactly what is happening to these organizations. Forget all that nonsense about being the “largest stream in Judaism in America.” If so, how are they keeping up with the demand for new rabbis when all they are teaching is each year is a handful of lesbians?

The difference between classical Judaism and Reform Judaism is the difference between high quality silk and polyester.

It is to Reform temples that such as LTF, Little Tommy Friedman of the New York Times, goes on Yom Kippur; he and Martin Indyk. And maybe even who knows the new US National Security Council member Steven Simon, senior director (I love these titles) for the Middle East and Africa who on Monday made his first official call in his new position, if off the record, to the dejudaized big shots in the American Jewish community.

Veteran peace processor Aaron David Miller, devotee of James Baker, was quoted in JPost two days ago praising Steve Simon as “one of the best analysts of the region. He understands the Arabs. He understands the Israelis.”

Sounds like another careerist, professional, fully licensed Jewboy in the State Department who climbs the ladder of success and prestige by parroting the antiJew idiocies in that administration. To Aaron David Miller, “He is one of the smartest guys I know,” but this article also told us that Mr. Simon once published an op-ed in the antiJew New York Times which argued in favor of trying Khalid Sheik Muhammad of 9-11 infamy in a civil court in Manhattan. That is what the antiJew Sultan Barack Hussein wanted, and Eric Holder.

Oh dear. Yet another Jewish antiJew, probably another self-defined Reform Jew, this Steve Simon who now has moved into the highest reaches of the profession of Jewish prostitution in America…

The UN General Assembly

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…So there they were on 22 November, 1974 in the General Assembly, the seventh anniversary of Security Council Resolution 242 in 1967, and what the text of UNGA Res. 3236 did was to trash Res. 242, like Obama, basically pay it no mind. That resolution was written in the wake of those magical six days when Israel crippled the military forces in four Arab states. That resolution dealt with the war between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq with nary a word about any “Balestinians” let alone their need for a state. It was in this period ‘67-‘74, that the Ancient Palestinian people entered history, following the 1959 decision by Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt to create such a nationality out of what the world had called, everyone had called, the Arabs refugees of 1948-49. In historical fact they were hardly a unitary nation; they were a mixed bag of Arabs from all over the Arab countries, migrant workers in Palestine when the war broke out who fled the fighting.

In 1967, the regular Arab armies not only lost again to Israel, they were humiliated far more than in ‘48-‘49. And given the temper of the times world-wide, the lunatic 1960s, the influence of the crazy left, terrorists became heroes. This was the period with jerks like the Baader-Meinhof people in Germany and Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn in the US, terrorists.

In this period the “Palestinians” were simply invented as a way of shielding the Arab states from the intent of Res. 242 which was to get the combatant states to make peace. What inventing the “Palestinians” did was create if not a straw man then an insurmountable obstacle placed between Israel and the Arab states. The “Palestinians” were invented with the claim that all of Palestine and they had to be satisfied, the Arab states said, before they would make peace. They were the principle victims of Zionism.

The Arab aggressor states could then sit back and claim that they would enter into peace talks with Israel only after the Ancient Ones had received satisfaction.

UNGA Res. 3236 “recognized the right of Palestinians to self-determination, independence and sovereignty”; this nation completely absent from Res. 242.

Recognizing the Palestinian people is entitled to self-determination …prevented from enjoying its inalienable rights, in particular its right to self-determination in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations”

What they did was cite the Charter’s language regarding the rights of nations to all kinds of goodies like peace and tranquility and freedom and prosperity, etc.; and they invent a nation called “Palestinians” that the Charter gives rights to because it is a nation; rights to “self-determination, independence and sovereignty.”

In other words, in this UN General Assembly resolution of 1974, the Assembly resolved on ownership and independence for Palestinians. That was a long time ago. Nothing has ever happened in this regard.

The resolution went on to

Reaffirms also the inalienable right of the Palestinians to return to their homes and property and to regain its rights by all means.

I.e. anything goes. Terrorism is kosher.

This resolution was then followed by as second, by UNGA Res. 3237 which

Invites the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly…and the work of all international conferences convened under the auspices of the General Assembly in the capacity of observer.

The PLO was now to become an official participant (if not yet voting) in the United Nations Organization.

A year later in the annual jamboree of chatter and cocktail parties, in 1975, the Assembly passed the infamous “Zionism is racism” resolution.

But for my money, it was the 1974 appearance of Arafat who delivered this Hitlerian rant and the inviting of his murder cult into the UN; that was the year the originally idealistic United Nations Organization died…

The Nakba Day Follies

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…This is how the Associated Press led off its coverage today of the scenes of violence: “Israeli troops clashed with Arab protesters Sunday along three hostile borders, including the frontier with Syria, leaving at least 12 people dead and dozens wounded in an unprecedented wave of demonstrations marking a Palestinian day of mourning for their defeat at Israel’s hands in 1948.”

This is fascinating. This is a complete re-writing of what happened in 1948, which should not surprise us. The head of the Palestinian Authority is a Holocaust Denier and thus a re-writer of history. The whole of the Palestinian Narrative rests on a re-writing of history; of what happened in 1948. And here is the MSM, the AP, regurgitating this revision of events in 1948 that is as much a rape of history as Holocaust Denial.

Here the AP writes that in 1948 Israel defeated the “Palestinians.” Excuse me, but the combatants were the IDF and the Egyptian army, and the Arab Legion of Jordan, and the Syrian army, units of the Iraqi army. There were no “Palestinian” forces on the battlefields.

Israel defeated the Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. There was no “Palestinian” force as that word is used today, and in large part because the only people using the term “Palestinian” at the time were the Jews.

What these Arabs have done over the last generation, really half-century, is via their terrorism inject into civilization their version of reality, which includes not only this wacky historiography but their ethics in conflict with other peoples. I wanted to say their “battlefield ethics” but one of their characteristics is their refusal to confront their enemies on a battlefield, army to army. Their preferred form of violence is not attacking an enemy’s people’s soldiers but murdering the soldiers’ mothers and sisters and grandparents in their beds, in their buses, in their restaurants.

So actually I think, so far, it was very good day for Israel for we were expecting much worse. I expected much worse in 2000, when my worst fears never materialized. I was worried then about the young bucks in the next village coming at us in a coordinated, pre-planned assault, which I now know they don’t have the right stuff All these wild Arab teenagers want to do is stone Jews and play cat and mouse games in the streets.

These people are losers. JPost online this afternoon reported that an 18 year-old Israeli man was injured when stones were thrown at his car in the mixed neighborhood of A-Tur in Jerusalem; and a masked Arabian there was arrested after throwing a Molotov cocktail.

Last night in Jerusalem police killed an Arab youth in the Silwan section. There was of course that sad death in Tel-Aviv but over all, this much-feared Nakba Day, as of this evening, turned out to be a pretty big nothing. The same old, same old. Mobs of stone-throwing Ishmaeli males the likes of which Moshe Montefiore complained about 150 years ago.

Today’s events were more evidence – as if we needed any more – that the Oslo strategy of 18 years ago, was misconceived. The idea was to work together and via confidence-buildings measures designed by such famous political scientists as Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD and soul-mate Dr. Martin Indyk, PhD, the two sides would learn to live and work together and the hostility would abate.

But now ask yourselves: those Arab boys today with their flying rocks: are they even a smidgen less hostile to Israel than their older brothers and cousins were 18 years ago? I don’t see any change. Itamar Marcus at PMW has been recording the changeless, antisemitic insanity of the official PA TV, radio and newspapers. No change. Same old, same old.

Today in JPost hard copy, Khalid Abu Toameh reported that yesterday that nice, peace-loving moderate secularist Mahmoud Abbas said the PA leadership will never forsake the right of return or sign a peace deal without Jerusalem as the capital of Balestine.

And there you have it. This is a declaration of a man and a group of people whom he represents who have not accepted Israel’s right to exist, which was the basis the so-called Oslo peace process. It was a lie then that they has, and since then there has been no peace for Israel because it was a lie. This is the statement of man who does not want peace but really a perpetual license to hate and attack Jews because, since he is not comatose, he knows that not even Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD would agree to a right of return and no Israeli politician/leader would be a leader were he to surrender Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, to the Arabs.

A man who says this does not want peace. He wants to continue the status quo….

Mormons & Muslims

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August 19, 2010
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…He assured them that he wanted to welcome Muslims to America and do so with respect.

And that’s the problem. That’s Obama’s problem. He doesn’t understand that one cannot be faithful to the American people he is supposed to serve, to America’s character and personality over centuries, and accept what Islam has to offer.

In a nutshell, while Obama wants to “welcome” Muslims and “respect” them, the exact opposite strategy is what is necessary for America now. They must be not welcomed but told in no uncertain terms that there are features to the teachings and behaviors of Islam which simply are not American and Americans don’t want them in their country. America must not welcome Muslims and must not respect them, but challenge them and disrespect Islam – if Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dr. Wafa Sultan and Tarik Hamid and Mosab Abu Hassan and Walid Shoebat are right about Islam.

And there is a precedent in American history for such a stance against Islam; of not treating it like other religions, and that is found in the history of the Mormon religion in America, which for a Biblical generation of forty years and more was resisted by the American people. The state they created, Utah, was denied statehood over the issue because the Mormons were polygamists. The men were allowed to have many wives and Americans said nothing doing…

Obama the Wicked and His Plan

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Obama the Wicked and His Plan
Webcast Date: 05/20/2010
Length: 38:28 Minutes
(May 20, 2010) “…in Hezbollah, there are moderates. And it is America’s job to build them up.”

No, John. That’s not America’s job. I’ll tell you what America’s job is: it is to kill Hezbollah, destroy it. It was Hezbollahi suicide freaks, basically agents of the same crowd that overran the U.S. embassy in Iran in 1979, who in Beirut four years later in April 1983 blew up the U.S. embassy and killed 60 people inside, including – John Brennan, if you are listening, you moron – the whole CIA station; wiped out.

And then more Hezbollahi six months later in October 1983 killed 241 U.S. military personnel, most of them U.S Marines, in that same chaotic, rotten Arab country.

John Brennan is typical of too many CIA and State Department Gentiles who get posted to the Arab Middle East and often have an eye, while still in service, on their retirement when they can look forward to making big bucks negotiating deals for American and other investors with acquaintances they made while working in these oil countries.

What Obama and his Jewish clown sidekick Rahm Emanuel and James Jones and John Brennan and Zbigniew Brzezinski are doing is forfeiting America’s right to protect its own interests which cannot possibly include a nuclear Ian.

Since when did U.S. foreign policy and the decision to go to war slip from the hands of America’s democratically-elected officials in the government and fall into the hands of the U.N. Security Council?

Was there an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that passed when I wasn’t paying attention that awarded the decision to go to war basically to the Russians and the Chinese and the French and Brits and the rest of the nations of the world – except for Israel, of course, which is kept out of this exclusive club? You know, the U.N. which denies Israel the right to be included in the Security Council, uniquely so, is the same organization that has voted on literally thousands of resolutions to smear Israel for its exclusivist, racist exclusion of the Ancient Ones and for its outrageous owning and governing of historic Palestine of the “Palestinians.”

On one of the conservative websites, Fouad Adjami, one of the last of the sober south Lebanon Shiites, at Johns Hopkins, says there are only two people in the world who can stop the Iranians from going nuclear and they are Obama and Netanyahu; and Obama is not going to do it.

How true. This wicked disciple of Wright and Farrakhan is doing nothing serious to prevent the Iranians from going nuclear; and he will do this by supporting this timid resolution at the U.N. while smiling at gullible, dejudaized American Jewish politicos. And at Elie Weisel.

What should be done is for the United States of America to re-take control of its own foreign policy and project its power at Iran by declaring war on that country. The U.S. Constitution does provide for that.

And there is no shortage of legitimate justifications for declaring war like the aforementioned assault on American sovereign soil at the U.S. Embassy in Iran. Invading it in 1979 was legally identical to invading New York City or Boston or L.A.

Blowing up the embassy in Beirut was the equivalent of blowing up the State Department.

Iran has killed other U.S. military personnel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and aboard the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen.

The U.S. should declare war and give the Iranians an ultimatum: 72 hours to start dismantling their nuclear enterprise or America is going to bomb not only the installations themselves but power plants all over Iran; bomb the parliament, bomb whatever it takes to make the Iranians surrender and agree to American terms which should include an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

All this turning to the U.N. is a symptom of the decline of the West before the rising power of a renascent Muslim caliphate.

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“Give Them What They Want”

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: “Give Them What They Want”
Webcast Date: 05/09/2010
Length: 37:27 Minutes
(May 09, 2010) …Here’s an interesting tidbit connected to the foregoing ruminations on leftists of Jewish extraction. In Friday’s Haaretz weekend magazine, there was yet another article on the capture of Adolph Eichmann in March 1960 by mostly GSS people (not the Mossad) whose team leader was Rafi Eitan (the same who ran Jonathan Pollard a quarter-century later). And he told the interesting detail that three years before the capture, he had gotten leave to study Political Economy at LSE, the London School of Economics. That was in the fall of 1957, when the Russians launched the first satellite, Sputnik, and one of his classmates at LSE who raised a toast to the Soviets was none other than the mother of the current foreign secretary of the U.K. David Miliband. Another Red Jewess.

Miliband too, like Yitzhak Rabin, evidently came from a radically dejudaized family. Sometimes it seems as if the Jewish people is in a state of eternal civil war between lovers of HaShem and His commandments on the one hand and the rebels who want to be normal on the other.

It turns out now too that the head of the French imitation of J Street called JCall is an Israeli “yored,” one who “went down” from the country, left the Holy Land, David Chemla, which means “compassion,” which he has little of for his former countrymen. He settled in France and is the chairman of Peace Now in France.

In other words, it is the same-old, same-old crowd forever coming up with new groups to bash Israel under different names. Being chairman of Peace Now was not enough for David Chemla: he had to create JCall as well with the identical mission of telling the government of Israel elected by the people of Israel it is wrong not to give in to the legitimate demands of the Ancient Palestinians.

This is akin to what we heard last week from Nick Clegg is London. How much he respects the Jewish people, if not the government of Israel – and never mind the implicit insult. Since Bibi was elected in a democratic election with 60% of the voters voting on the right, these Israelis, according to Clegg, don’t know how to choose politically correct leaders. They may have a genius for a thriving economy – note the implied, subtle connection between Jews and money – but when it comes to choosing their leaders, they don’t know what they are doing, but Nick Clegg (like Barack Obama) knows better than the Israeli electorate. When it comes to foreign politics, the Jews are not the geniuses they are in other endeavors.

Worse, Clegg is on record against Israel’s “unjust abuse” of the Ancient Ones, as is, in another story, National Geographic. Did you see that on YNET yesterday? It seems there is photo exhibit in Los Angeles produced by National Geographic magazine and it blatantly accuses Israel of stealing water from the Arabs.

The title of the exhibit is “Water – Our Thirsty World”. It is evidently mostly environmental stuff, non-political, but there are 9 photos taken in Judea and Samaria, on the Kinneret/Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea; and the captions inform the visitor to the exhibit of Israel’s water crimes. According to a caption referring to the Sea of Galilee, “Since 1967 Israel has blocked Syria’s access to the shoreline” – which is a perversion of historical truth worthy of Obama’s Cairo speech. I was on that shoreline in 1965 and remember it well. Between 1949 and 1967, the Syrians never had access to the even one meter of lake-front shoreline. It was all Israeli territory according to the cease-fire agreement.

Now some may be surprised to read of National Geographic being involved in such a nasty bit of antiJew dishonesty but not yours truly. I remember them from 20 years ago running articles on the Ancient Ones and on the horrors they suffered at the hands of Israelis. National Geographic has been one of the most antiJew publications around.

There is no end to the sinister creativity of antiJews when it comes to insinuating themselves into every nook and cranny of our lives…

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