J. Goldberg & the 3 Videos

Internet Radio

[audio:http://www.deprogramprogram.com/audio/111206_Excerpt.mp3|titles=Sha’i ben-Tekoa]
…There is not one good reason to have pulled those videos for they were right on target, masterful productions doing so much in such a short time. And if some Americans of Jewish extraction felt under attack by their message, that’s their problem.

Goldberg said Jews in Washington can identify with what’s happening in Tel-Aviv but not Jerusalem or the settlements. “There is a large gap between most Jews in the US and most Jews in Israel. Jews in the US are becoming more universal in their outlook while Israeli Jews are becoming more and more tribal in theirs.”

Now Jeffrey Goldberg would surely harrumph in protest were he to be called to his face an antisemite, but that is what his words here tell us he is, in spades. Zionism, let us remember, was judged by the world community of nations to be a form of racism. Post-World War II, the membership roster of nations at the UN went from less than 60 to almost 200 new states, all of them with some kind of national liberation movement before liberation and independence with only one of these new dozens of states having its national liberation movement smeared with racism.

In other words, what is laudable nationalism among the nations, among scores of nations – like the movement for national liberation of the venerable Palestinians – in Jewish hands nationalist has been a racist, colonialist, imperialistic enterprise. Jeffrey Goldberg uses the term “tribal” to describe the, I guess, national feelings of Jewish people in Jerusalem and the post-’67 communities. This variation of the old “Zionism is racism” routine smear when he uses the term “tribal” to smear the national movement of Jewish people.

Goldberg objected to the message that he took away according to which America is no place for a proper Jew. But again that was the message of the socialist Zionists who looked down on American Jews for their addiction to the capitalist chasing after wealth.

Notice too how Goldberg says American Jews are becoming more universal in their outlook which he contrasted to us tribal Jerusalemites and settlers.

This is Hanukkah all over again. That is the one holiday of this month of Kislev we shall soon be celebrating.

Jeffrey Goldberg sees himself, though, more universalistic in outlook. He is not at all “tribal” like us primitives here in Judea and Samaria…