A World Obsessed with Jews

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…Now, as for the local response here in Israel to the Foreign Ministry’s sharp retort to the European attack on Tuesday, the reaction of Defense Minister Ehud ben Yisrael Barak was totally predictable. What Lieberman said to the Europeans was, more or less, “We will ignore you and you will have no say in determining the future of the Holy Land.”

For Israelis like Ehud Barak, isolation from Europe is a fate tantamount to the death of Israel as they want it to be. In the words of Bibi’s book title, Israel is supposed have A Place Among the Nations and not be isolated.

But the unknown secret of the especially Leftist Zionists which they hid from those they wished to recruit was that contrary to their propaganda about being proud Jews who fought back, who did not go like sheep into the gas chambers, their idea of a Jewish state was a non-Jewish state. In a nutshell, they came to the Land of Israel not to be Jews but to stop being Jews, as weird as that may sound.

And there is a connection between that weirdness and Israel’s perennial begging for acceptance by the Arabs and the rest of the world. Some weeks back I mentioned an interview with former Israeli UN ambassadress Gabriela Shalev crying over how alone she felt at the UN.

Versus Avigdor Lieberman who demands respect and not love from the Gentiles. In this, though, seen as a hardline right-winger, he is no different from that famous Leftist Zionist also from the Russian Empire Golda Meir, who once quipped that if she had to choose between being loved and dead or alive and hated, she preferred the latter…