Speak Truth to Liars

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[audio:http://www.deprogramprogram.com/audio/111213_Excerpt.mp3|titles=Sha’i ben-Tekoa]
…I think I have to correct myself if last webcast I left you with the impression that Netanyahu had opposed a cabinet vote on backing a law against loudspeakers on minarets because they bother people here in Herzlandia. I thought he sided with the antis when on the contrary he backs the law, postponing a vote only for tactical reasons.

In his party Limor Livnat and Dan Meridor – he who really belongs in Labor – and Mickey Eitan the reformer right-winger – opposed the bill as unnecessarily disturbing the Arabs. They all seemed to side with Shimon Peres who told Yediot on Monday that a law exists against excessive noise and the proposed mosque bill makes him feel ashamed. “This is just a march of folly. What does this gives us? It just damages our image.”

Spoken true to form, Uncle Shimon: worried for Israel’s image among the nations rather than doing what is right for the Jews regardless of what the nations see in our image.

Bibi supports the anti-minaret noise law and rightfully states that Israel need be no more liberal than Europe, where Switzerland, France and Belgium have laws that single out Muslim behaviors and pass laws against them, like the anti-veil and scarf laws in France, and the anti-minaret law altogether in Switzerland. Imagine the global shrieking were Israel to adopt the same law as Switzerland according to which no new mosque built can have a minaret.

Uncle Shimon opined to Yediot yesterday the anti-noise law on the books is sufficient. “Don’t go and create a law with a religious argument. You don’t have to stir up all the Muslims and the Arab world against us.”

Once again spoken like a true St. Simon of Oslo in his ignorance of our mortal enemy. Peres never understood anything about Islam, knew anything about Jewish life under Islamic tyranny, which is why he pursued so ardently the ludicrous Oslo peace plan concocted by his political vizier Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD, another groiser khochem, a “wise” ignoramus about the Arabs. Shimon doesn’t see that whether or not Israel as he puts up it stirs up all the Muslims and the Arab world, our very existence fuels the fire of their burning hatred and aggression.

Shimon said, “You can’t separate Judaism and democracy. There is no such thing.”

It sounds like he thinks Jewishness and liberal democracy are indistinguishable. Spoken like a true, post-mitzvot modern Jewish liberal…