Fatah’s War on UNSC 242

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…Lastly, more information has come out about that storming of the Efraim Brigade last week, the background to it.

It seems the catalyst was the leaking of an IDF plan that day to destroy the Gilad Zar outpost at the order of – behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s back – Defense Minister Ehud “the Socialist-Atheist” Barak who apparently has a bee in his bonnet about these outposts like so many of his peers. At the last moment, Netanyahu stopped it.

One suspects that Barak wants to carry out the Supreme Court’s order to destroy this outpost in order to preserve the democratic life of the State which includes respect for the decisions of the High Court, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think that is rubbish on his part. Barak the youthful communard who grew up in a house full of atheists was raised to see in religion, and especially the Jewish religion, medieval superstition. Believing Jews are objects of contempt in Barak’s world, not fit for membership in Herzl’s state of New Jews.

I still don’t approve of what this mob did but now have a larger context in which to understand it.

What possibly could be driving Ehud Barak to destroy that outpost if not a bee in his bonnet? He is getting no pressure from Washington during this election year. His war against the outposts may be coming from the same dark place that drives Little Tommy Friedman.

That’s it for this evening, the first candle of Hanukah.

Chag sameach and I will be back, G-d willing, on Thursday….