Islam Must Be Outlawed

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Arabian she-devil, also 20 years old, wielding the dagger, ironically bears the last name Musa, the Arabic mangling of Moshe whom these thieves with all their hearts believe was a Muslim, as the Arabs also teach them to think that Jesus was a Balestinian, really the first Balestinian martyr slain by the evil Jews.

Jesus was a Balestinian, they say, and the world community, led by the morons of the Jewish Left, think it is possible for Israel to enter into a cooperative, mutually respectful, friendly relationship with these people by retreating back to the 1949 ceasefire line and handing the hills over to this young woman’s associates.

The Jewish idea in the brain, can mess up one’s vision. These homicidal Arab maniacs see agents of the devil in us; and it also messes up the minds of Jewish anti-Jews like Rabin, Peres, Beilin and the like, the Oslo cultists. It is as if they are blind in one eye. They see another people, the Arab people here, as fellow nationalists just like their own Zionist grandparents who want like them a little state for their nation.

While the other eye in such people is blind, the one that investigates the religious life of other people. Because Rabin, Peres, Beilin and Co. were dead to the Jewish religion, they are blind to the satanic fires of hatred that burn in the Arab-Muslim breast.

That Arab murderess wielding that dagger yesterday who was grabbed after a brief chief told her captors, “I wanted to kill a Jew!”

Not an Israeli. A Jew…