The Limits of the Zionist Mind

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the classic, Zionist, historical novel Exodus by Leon Uris, his hero Ari Ben Canaan was rumored to have been based on Yitzhak Rabin whom Uris got to know during the research he did here before siting down to write, and so Ehud Barak could be the model for his generation of sabras, raised like Ari ben Canaan in a commune of atheists, post-religious Jews with a set of ideas and values not particularly Jewish at all. Not that they were anti-Jewish but just general ideas. When antiJew Jews like the Reform, like Obama, talk of “Jewish values,” what they are thinking of are nice ideas all men and women of good evil share. In this there is nothing peculiarly Jewish about them. Like Dan Meridor last webcast wanting in the name of Zionism to do justice to the Balestinians — whatever that means.

Ehud Barak, who served the shortest tenure as Prime Minister and presided over the eruption of the second intifada during his Labor Zionist movement’s Oslo peace process, said about that time that if he were a Balestinian youth, he too would join a terrorist group. This is typical of an Israeli leftist’s attempt to display like peacock his respect for the Other, in direct contradiction to a true Jewish value such as hating evil. We say that in every Friday Erev Shabbos pesukei d’zimra