The Slanderers, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And what is interesting is how Jews every day since about the year 100 have prayed three times daily the so-called 18 Benedictions though contained within them is a 19th paragraph, the only curse. And who do we curse? Lamalshinim, the slanderers who are fellow Jews who slander the Jewish people to the gentile powers.

And I am surprised that none our pundits and rabbis are in the news pointing this out.

Israel Hayom today in Hebrew hard copy ran a sidebar listing 8 known NGOs in Israel manned by Israelis funded by foreign powers, mostly Europeans, every one of them an Israel-bashing propaganda operation. It is Old Europe in a new phase. No longer is the Roman Catholic Holy Office persecuting Jews, no more Jew-hating Soviet Marxists and Jew-hating Nazis. Europe sends some 100 million shekels, like 25 million dollars, annually to these groups to slander Israel.

Ve lamalshinim lo tihiyeh tikva/May the slanderers have no hope.

That was written almost two thousand years ago about men such as Martin Indyk and Thomas Friedman and Jeffrey Goldberg.

Thank goodness for the new women coming to fight in Israel, Ayelet Shaked, Miri Regev, Tsipi Hotovely. What a breath of fresh air they are.

Yesterday Shaked in the Knesset spoke the truth for the first time in memory. All this BDS stuff and votes by students in England is just the same-old same-old stinking antisemitism in modern dress…