The Guilt-Bearer

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…As Jesus was a Jew who in his final moments is believed by Christians to have been the guiltiest human being in the world – he had taken on himself all the sins of mankind, turning himself into a kind of scapegoat…you know that word “scapegoat” was invented by William Tyndale in the 16th century to translate the Hebrew sa’ir laazazel, the goat on Yom Kippur chosen by lot to be symbolically laden by the High Priest on the Temple Mount with the all the sins of the community and driven into the wilderness and off a cliff to its death.

Well, that was Jesus who took upon himself all the sins of mankind, and so in his passion on the cross — along with a quarter-million other Jews crucified here, whose crosses lined the Roman roads like modern-day telephone poles, he relieved everyone else of their guilt.

And so we have the spectacle today, here in Israel again, of Jews accused of crimes by the Breaking the Silence group of anti-Jew Israeli Jews paid by antisemitic goyim mostly in Europe, crimes we allegedly committed in Gaza last summer, which finger-pointing works to relieve the rest of the world of their guilt, and especially the Arabs in Gaza for their crimes against us, about which Breaking the Silence is mute…