“In Your Face,” II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This is the problem. It is what these barbarians do out of Gaza. They fire military mortars and rockets at us; we send in soldiers and they are to act like a SWAT team in a city neighborhood charged with, say, raiding a local crack house with the neighbors observing from the side and applauding the police for shutting down this unwanted establishment.

Only, when our soldiers enter Gaza to neutralize the gunmen and the rocket boys, the bystanders are not on their side. They wrongly are called “innocent civilians” when I don’t think they are innocent at all. They themselves may not be armed and fire rockets at us, but they do attend rallies to cheer on the rocket boys who do. Last election they voted for the Muslim Brotherhood whose charter calls Jews apes and monkeys. These people are not innocent in my mind…