The Latest UN Abomination

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So there was good news and bad news connected to the top story in Israel today: the report by the Nations United Against Us Human Rights Council for Everyone But Jews.

The irony is illuminating. On the one hand, the anti-Jew protests Israel’s self-proclaimed status as the Chosen People and on the other singles out, chooses Israel, the Jewish people, for unique mistreatment. And one of the more popular ways especially among the Enlightened is the post-modernist pose of no absolute justiciable right or wrong when it comes to the Jews and their mirror-image, their sub-civilized a.k.a. barbaric, mortal enemies.

In a word it is “moral equivalence” between the Jews and the Muslim Arabs who murder them all the time, with the Jews never ever acting toward them in the same way…