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…On Friday in Makor Rishon Mordechai Kedar, the former career intelligence officer in the IDF, fluent in Arabic, came to the conclusion that not only is Obama a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, so is the State Department, which does not surprise me. The State Department has traditionally been the most antisemitic to the State of Israel. And the Brotherhood is an association of Muslims who are as insane in their fear and hatred of Jews as Germans at a nighttime Nazi rally in the 1930s were, so I am not surprised by his assessment. It tracks with the credible report that John Brennan is a Muslim convert, so was the murdered Amb. Chris Stevens. And what with Obama‚Äôs behavior toward Egypt, whose modern political history is a history of suppressing the Brotherhood mercilessly.

And here is Mordechai Kedar who has come to the conclusion it is not only Obama who enamored of the Brotherhood; the State Department Arabists too. They see, and they are not totally wrong, Islam as the only cement that holds society together in this part of the world…