Arabs Gas Their Own

Internet Radio

…In a way, we Israelis are no different. Just like our neighbors’ dictators, our government likewise has the power and has used to it under the euphemism of “administrative detention” to lock up would-be killers indefinitely, and to Hell with a civil court’s principle of habeas corpus.

It is, paradoxically, one of the unintended advantages of not having peace with these people. A constant state of war allows our military to be the ultimate authority in Judea and Samaria and that means the ability to scoop up suspects and remove them from circulation for as long as we want, with little recourse for the victim because this is military law, which is to civilian law what military music is to real music.

On Monday of this week the army in Egypt arrested the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood Muhammed Badie and one suspects much time will pass before he is let out, if ever.

The Egyptians like other Arabs don’t play games…