The Calm before the Storm?

Internet Radio

…One has the feeling that this shallow, ignorant Obama learned nothing from America‚Äôs experience under one of his role models Jimmy Carter and his fiasco in Iran. In the name of human rights, Carter presided over the toppling of the Shah, notorious for his cruel secret police, but in his stead came a tyrant far worse in terms of cruelty, Ayatollah Khomeini and his tyranny of fanatical Muslim priests. In the name of human rights, the human rights of Iranians went from bad to much worse.

And here is President Barack Hussein wanting to bomb Assad and his administration which must bolster his opposition who are at least as insane with Islam as the Ayatollah Khomeini. Al-Assad is defending himself from al-Qaida types who want to install a Muslim Brotherhood-type dictatorship, which may be a clue to Obama’s desire to bomb Assad. Besides the moral preening, between this infidel Alawite and the Sunni jihadis who want to bring him down, these soul mates of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, Obama probably backs the opposition…