The True Root Cause

Internet Radio

…It will certainly be interesting to see how this latest version of age-old religious Jew-hatred plays out. I mean, beneath the contemporary politics, that is all this EU bureaucracy gambit is: another attack on the Jewish religion.

It is hard at the moment to imagine the Prime Minister agreeing to this demand if only because it means disowning Jerusalem, which Israel formally unified and embraced within like a week and a half of the Six-Day War, and a formally incorporated the Golan in 1980 or 81.

In a way, these hostile goyim have done Israel a favor. If they were smarter than they are, they would have omitted Jerusalem and the Golan, specified just Judea and Samaria, and Netanyahu would surely have been put on the spot. But now, so long as it seems to be a package deal, all this real estate together, it is not plausible that Bibi will agree to sign such a statement as the price for participating in Horizon 2020. What the European enemy has done is strengthened Israel’s grasp on all these territories. We renounce none of them.

And this is why I say this is just the old hatred of Judaism in modern dress…