Douglas Bloomfield

Internet Radio

…Of course Bloomfield wants the best for Israel but in his writing he repetitively treats Netanyahu and Abbas as if they were equals doing the same thing because they are politicians. For example, adopting the pose of Olympian neutrality, Bloomfield could write, “That expectations are low for the renewed peace talks in view of the scant confidence most people have in the ability of the leaders on both sides to rise to the occasion.”

They are “hobbled by reputations as weak and cautious leaders rather than creative thinkers willing to take risks…the conventional wisdom considers the new talks a waste of time as long as Netanyahu and Abbas are around…both leaders fear failure and the judgment of history. There is no sign of real change on either side.”

And so on and so forth. There was more of this repetitive linking as equals the two leaders both unwilling to take risks.

I don’t know about you, but this moral equivalence disgusts me for its dishonest construction of reality and functionally (albeit covert) antiJew aggression. How dare Bloomfield compare the prime minister of Israel, whose biography is a matter of public record, with this international terrorist criminal, this Holocaust Denying murderer?

Bloomfield sits up there on Mt. Olympus and smirks down on both sides…