A Foreign Policy of Narcissists

Internet Radio

…Last webcast, two evenings ago I said if Syria is attacked by Obama-Kerry, the Syrians will likely attack us.

The day after, yesterday, Syrian spokesmen threatened exactly that, and today Israeli spokesmen were saying that would be insane on Assad’s part so the probability is low.

I’m glad they are more optimistic than I am and the lots of Israelis today crowding the distribution points for gas masks. This man al-Assad has now proven he has no moral scruples about using nerve gas against his own fellow Arabs, so surely he has even less when it comes to us. Fanaticism has been a feature of international life since the late 1960s, and at bottom it is a religious phenomenon. This latest Sultan of Damascus Bashaar the Geek al-Assad told the Pope of Rome when he visited Syria that we Jews are the same people who murdered Jesus, and for sure all over the Arab world we Jews are conceived of as demons. If he feels threatened with the end, he is likely to want to go out in a blaze glory by using his nerve gas on us, G-d forbid…