The Two-State Religionists

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Program Link: Preconditions have no basis in law or fact

…Yeah. A tsunami of bromides of the kind that make yours truly want to blow lunch have been heard in the land these last couple of days. What a revolting spectacle. There was Clinton of the stained blue dress and Sharon Stone, the Hollywood actress who became famous by starring in a movie called Basic Instinct and exposing herself like a two-dollar hooker was also there. Clinton was famous for the mixing of the world of Hollywood movies and politics, and here too was the admittedly excellent actor Robert DeNiro and the Mayor of Chicago who like DeNiro‚Äôs words in many of his movies sprinkles his conversation with a four-letter word beginning with the sixth letter of the English alphabet.

What do Rahm Emanuel married to a non-Jewess and Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro have to do with the resurrection of Jewish life in the Holy Land?