Samantha Power? Oh no!

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…Yeah, there seems to a serious concern in Jerusalem that in the works in the nasty head of the enemy agent in the Oval Office is a plan to force upon us what Samantha Power alludes to in the link posted on this webcast.

Yesterday in a speech delivered by Minister Yuval Steinitz at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, he forcefully expressed opposition to, according to the headline in JPost this morning, an international force as part of any peace deal. In other words, the very idea expressed by Power in this video clip of 11 years ago in which she entertained the idea of driving the IDF out of Judea and Samaria to be replaced by another military force.

Steinitz was quoted saying he would “vehemently oppose any deployment of international force to replace the IDF. And why would he say that yesterday if not for intelligence coming his way suggesting such a plan is in the works?…