The Moshiach Solution

Internet Radio

…It took yours truly about a dozen years following the Six-Day War to accept that giving back the land captured was no solution; that after a dozen years of rejecting Israel’s hope of land for peace the Arabs were simply not interested in such a deal.

But dreams die hard, and such as Livni and Kerry remain enslaved to the belief that there are really Balestinians out there just like us Jews who want a cute little state for their stateless brethren – when statehood is the last thing these Arabs want.

They were offered more or less the same two- state solution in July 1937 by the Brits, the Peel Commission recommendations. A decade later in 1947 the UN General Assembly also offered them more or less the same deal. Again they said, “No thanks.”

How long, O Lord, how long, before such as Livni and Israel’s Left open their eyes and surrender their ignorant really perception of our Hamitic neighbors?

I am afraid the Two-State Solution is no solution. The only one that will work is the Moshiach Solution…